Silkworm Pupae

Silkworm Pupae


Silkworm chrysalis(Pupa) is a kind of good human food, special for canned

Frozen silkworm pupae:canned food

We are the top manufacture of frozen pupae in China ,our pupae with very good tasted

Our county Hai An,is China's biggest and best silkworm & silk raising base,here there is no pollution,all our silkworm pupa has no heavy metal and exceeds international food safety standard.

Specifications: food grade

1) crude protein> 50%

2) Fat<26%

3) Moi<10%

4) Ash:5%

packing 4kgs/mesh bag, 4bags/carton

Packing:5kgs/caton, 9tons/20'container,

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