Silkworm Pupae Protein Peptide

Silkworm Pupae Protein Peptide

Properties: powder of light white, could solved in water.

Molecular weight: the MW of component is more than 80% at 500~2000Da.

It is a novel kind of bioactive peptides products, the raw material is fresh family silkworm, the pepitde was processed by controllable protease hydrolyzing technology.

Characteristics of the products:

Greenness: the raw material of our peptides was fresh silkworm, it was without chemistry contamination.

Safety: the products is pure powder of silkworm pupae protein peptide, without any additives.

Nice bioactivities: the peptides with high ACE inhibitory activity, and high DPPH cleanup activity.

Easy absorb: the peptides is easily absorbed and 100% enter into the body circulate system.

Wide application field: the silkworm pupae protein peptides was helpful in water keep, tender, defend caducity of skin, and improving the immunity and sub- health of body. The peptides can be used as material components or functional additivities, wide used in the fields of food, functional products and cosmetics.

Nice soluble: The peptides with very nice soluble characteristics and heat stability.

No chemical leftover: The peptides was processed by advanced hydrolyzing method, no chemical leftover.

For the crowd: the peptides without sugar, fat and additivities, almost suitable for every one.


Food, medicine(Can lower blood pressure),cosmetics,etc.

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