Silkworm Pupa Protein

Silkworm Pupa Protein

This product is a new source of nutrition of the 21st century,  the raw materials is unique. It is processed br fresh silkworm pupa by the the technologies with self-determination intellectual property rights, no additivies, and with the features of natural componments, nutrition, balance fill, easy to absorb, and so on.

The products with high bioactivities, low fat and complete amino acids, especially with sufficient 9 essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements . the ratio of essential amino acids is 57.01% in it, more than the standard of FAO and WHO.

The main features of the products:

  1. White powder;
  2. Removed the inherent odor of silkowrm pupae.
  3. The product does not absorb moisture, not agglomerate.
  4. Food-grade natural animal protein.

The main quality guideline of the products:

  • Protein ,%(dried): >75
  • Fat ,% <2.0
  • Ash ,% < 5.0
  • Water,% < 8.0
  • pH value 4.5~6.5

The other guidelines are all conformed the National Standards.


The product is natural anmial protein, with the functions of benefiting for growth, strength and anti-aging. It can be used for health food, suitable for children, older, pregnant women, athletes and other special work staffs.

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