Korean cosmetics raw materials suppliers

Thursday, 30 August 2012 19:31

Recently, the company and a South Korean cosmetics manufacturer agreement, the first batch of silkworm chrysalis linolenic acid (B) the fat has Shanghai exports to South Korea. After South Korean companies in the country almost searching through all the pupa oil manufacturers, but are due to quality reasons, failed to cooperate. Korean customers in the receipt of the samples of the company, from the appearance of the indexes gave affirmation via Korea authoritative testing institution, the product of the physical and chemical indicators reached South Korea under the standard, not only that, heavy metals and other toxic substances, not only not excessive, but were not detected. At the same time, South Korean customers of pupa protein produced also expressed strong interest because of the the pupa protein naturally contains more than 10% of the epidermal growth factor, and the silkworm chrysalis linolenic B the fat, but also high-quality raw materials for the production of advanced cosmetic.

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