Fish Collagen Peptide

Fish Collagen Peptide

Properties: powder of light white, could solved in water.

Molecular weight: the MW of component is more than 85% at 200~1000Da.

It is a new kind of bioactive peptides products, the raw material is high grade scale, the pepitde was processed by controllable protease hydrolyzing technology.

Characteristics of the products:

Safety: the products is pure powder of high grade scale protein peptide, without any additives.

Easy absorb: the peptides is easily absorbed and 100% enter into the body circulate system.

Wide application field: the high grade scale protein peptide was helpful in water keep, tender, defend caducity of skin, and improving the immunity and sub- health of body. The peptides can be used as material components or functional additivities, wide used in the fields of food, functional products and cosmetics.

The high grade scale protein peptide also can be used in Gel, facial mask, eye shadow, milk, cream, silky water, and the material for shampoo.

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