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Fuller Biotech Co., Ltd,the high-tech manufacturer with the capability of scientific research, production and sale,is located in Hai An county  which is  a world-famous "China High-quality Silkworm Cocoons Base " and" China most important Silkworm and Silk Base".Hai An,east China's most clean county,here there is no pollution due to that the goverment here take measures to protect the environment and ensure it the largest and the most ecological mulberry forest in China.Thanks to all these protections by goverment,Hai An's silk and silkworm pupa are the highest quality in China and all testing results can rank No.1 in China and thus the silk products made in Hai An have always been well received and time-tested by the international silk industry.

From its inception, the company based in China to create rather than in China, relying on the well-known universities and research institutes, after five years of scientific and technological research, the use of modern bio-engineering technology and separation technology to open the door of a of silkworm chrysalis comprehensive development, the company the country's largest quality cocoons production base - MSC quality silkworm chrysalis as raw material, has successfully developed the "Fuller" brand yamamai treasure advanced series of nutritious food: Silkworm chrysalis oil, pupa ethyl α-linolenic, respectively, for women, children, elderly silkworm chrysalis oil soft capsule human consumption, food grade pupa protein powder, pupa protein hard capsules, the male pupa protein hard capsules, these products fill the domestic blank, won the gold medal of the national innovation. The products have been exported to Asia,Europe and USA market, the company has therefore become the first domestic enterprise to successful manufacture silkworm chrysalis products with independent intellectual property rights, and at the same time is lsited on key enterprice of the national agricultural projects.

Our company has strong R & D team, biology, medicine, food science experts from China and abroad, the company is also using the pupa protein as the raw material to develop anti-aging, antihypertensive, hypoglycemic series pupa protein active peptides, there have been new into the market.

Fuller Biotech Co., Ltd. has world-class advanced production equipment,laboratory testing equipment, reliable and complete quality monitoring system and the good quality of the workforce. Companies follow the "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, caring beings, open up" philosophy, leading the industrialization of the industry, to create more high-quality silkworm chrysalis biological products, sincerely return to the community and adhere to the principle of "quality first, service first, reputation first" and the purpose of contributing to human health!

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